Optimise Your Pricing
Maximise Your Revenue

Are you calculating your rents accurately?
And are you updating them at least weekly?

Too high and you have unnecessary vacancies.
Too low and you miss out on revenue.

Not to mention the bad experience when you have too many applicants and some get turned away


How we optimise rents

We start off with data. Lots of it.
After all, if you don’t base your pricing decisions
on lots of data then you are guessing.

Our data set includes property features, vacancies,
rent, new leases, and expired leases. We collect this
data for your property and for your local market.

We use this data to create a demand curve. That is, we can build an accurate picture of how many new tenants you will get, and how quickly, depending on what rent you charge.

And then we recommend the rent which will maximise your revenue.

While you sit back and relax.

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